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Asbestos in Johnson and Johnson Baby Powder | Side Effects | Lawsuit

Asbestos in Johnson and Johnson Baby Powder | Side Effects | Lawsuit: If you have ever bought the Johnson and Johnson Baby powder for your kids then this article for you…

You will be shocked to know the powder that you are using on your kid with love can cause him Cancer.

Yes, according to the latest rumours and news it is being claimed that The Johnson Baby Contains a cancerous material called asbestos.

In Case You Don’t What is Asbestos? I have already covered that in every detail you can read from here.

In Nutshell, Asbestos is the set of naturally occurring silicate minerals which are responsible for the cause of Mesothelioma.

Its Usage began back 4000 years ago but due to the increase in the number of deaths and Cancer people started realising the health hazard associated with it.

Asbestos is currently banned in countries like India, United States & more.

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Asbestos Side Effects

Asbestos is very dangerous for our health however, it is useful in Electric Insulation, Fire & more.

While working with asbestos people have to take extreme precautions so that they do not inhale the particles of asbestos.

Asbestos in Johnson and Johnson Baby Powder

Johnson and Johnson have long been the undisputed king in the baby product sales and has always portrayed themselves as the Family Company.

But according, to the reports of Reuters, The Johnson and Johnson baby powder small amount of asbestos powder in the baby talc.

The Reuters examined actually came in limelight when 22 women’s sued the company for being held responsible for their ovarian Cancer, resulting 4.7 million verdicts against the company.

However, J & J has denied all those claims and said that our talc doesn’t contain asbestos and 100% safe to use.

Is Johnson and Johnson Baby Powder Safe To Use?

Now you must be wondering Is Johnson and Johnson Baby Powder Safe To Use? 

Well, let’s first understand What is Talc or Powder?

Talc or powder is the naturally occurring mineral found in baby powder or cosmetic products and is good for moisturiser, preventing rashes, cutting down on friction,

For many years it was used in baby diapers until doctors began discouraging it for health reason adult also use it around genitals and rectum to prevent chaffing or sweating.

As per, American Cancer Society, talc in its natural form may contain asbestos, a Known carcinogen.

However, FDA does not allow to use asbestos in talc-based products. but the problem the companies are not required to review their product for sale.

In light of this concern FDA visited several retail stores and tested the different sample of the different companies talc-based product in 2009-2010 but they didn’t find any traces of asbestos in the product.

But, that doesn’t prove that talc-based product is asbestos free.

Winding Up

I hope this article was helpful to you If still any confusion you can comment below and  I’ll answer it as soon as possible.





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